Wednesday, December 8, 2010


  Time passes very slowly, especially when you're not liking what you're doing.

  I haven't been here for a looong time, because I was having my exams, something I was doing not for myself but had to just do it and I tried convincing myself otherwise.  I dugged up all inspiration, but I just fall back every time. I felt pathetic, hated being so common and just wanted to live.

  But anyway, I used time to get inspired. Spent many hours in the garden just thinking and not doing anything else. Watched the world. Built my own inside. And wrote and wrote.

  From now, I've decided, I want to write the truth here. What I feel, what I see. And it doesn't matter who's around me or where I am. I know that I will be living my dreams soon and... and nothing. That's all that matters.

  For all the truths I say, they are indeed, true. But I've refrained from putting up the name my parents gave me (something which I do treasure) coz I don't think that I want to be that googleable. But anyhow, violetta Westwick is one of my soul's names -coz my soul doesn't really have a name and doesn't need one in fact. So I call just call it whatever name I like. So here, you're seeing my thoughts and my soul.

  Maybe you would like to leave some thoughts of yours too sometime.


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