Thursday, December 30, 2010


These are some photos from a trip I went on recently. I captured mainly random stuff that caught my eye,  my camera bag slung across my back everywhere I went. I looked like a reporter -something that I don't really want to be. I want to be a photographer-, what with my purple hoodie shirt and jeans. Anyhow, I didn't care. 

 chandeliers from the ceiling of a hotel.

Juicy Couture outside the malls -that placed resembled New York's Times Square. 

 My breakfast in the hotel. :)

Where we sat. 

 The city from our breakfast table.

 A lovely lamp inside an awesome toilet stall.

 The totally unique washbasin in that toilet.

Restaurant we had lunch in. They've got a see-through kitchen.

Christmas decorations at another mall.

Ditto. :)

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