Thursday, December 30, 2010

summer, claire and i

We have known each other for twelve years. This was the place where we acted crazy.

Surrounded by large dark trees, sand beneath our shoes. Silence fell, when our mouths were shut -not that it happened often.
We had one camera among us at that time. (It taught me not to allow others to simply photograph me, especially on their camera) We took crazy pictures, pretending we were drunk. Maybe we were out of our mind, but it was even kind of fun.
We climbed up the swings, sat on the tubes, rocked wildly like bikers on the spring horses that were way too small. But mostly, we laughed.

I visited this place a few days ago, only from a place with a different view. Maybe I'll miss it, maybe I won't. But who knows? Even I don't yet, until the time comes when I'm gone.
Maybe the place will be the one missing me.

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