Saturday, December 25, 2010

bubbles, little girls and magic

This is how I spent my Christmas day.

My mum's friend invited us over for lunch and after eating, all I mostly did was take photographs. (come to think of it, I was already snapping before lunch started.) There was this adorable little girl called Shanelle who was there. I have never met her before. She's my mum's friend's niece -very distant relationship. LOL! So I thought that I should really practice my photography skills, and to hell with being too shy to photograph strangers all (most of) the time.

We, the children were watching 'A Christmas Carol' upstairs.I didn't really like the graphics, - I found that they were probably made more for 3D viewing- so when I saw this little girl going downstairs, I followed. (She probably felt like I was stalking her, but if she did, she didn't show it)

It took a while for her to start doing something. She mostly tried to convince her cousin to play with her, but her cousin was really shy. Then she picked up two bottles of soap -the kind to blow bubbles with- and gave one to her cousin. Her cousin wasn't keen either, so after a while, she seem to have decided that she would do what she wanted first. Ahh, to my pleasure.

She went around the garden blowing the bubbles and trying to catch them. It was so cute! And I trailed her.
Every time the camera snapped, she would look up. But she always continued blowing. It was perfect, I didn't want a kid so nervous that they wouldn't do anything with a camera in front.
From the short snippets which were conversation I had with her, I found out that she was from Australia. I thought that she looked like she did too. A little Nirrimi-ish. In a way.
She was so proud of this! That she had managed to catch it. I smiled for her as well, behind my lens. :)

She didn't talk much and she didn't laugh much. But she allowed herself to be photographed.

Ahh, magical christmas. And the little bubble princess returns home.

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