Thursday, March 25, 2010

Don't you love

the fame monster? 

LOL! I drew this and yes, it's edited already. :)

Of those young ones

  This is a birdie in a bush -well, plant. It is still really young and I think it was learning how to fly. But it was also raining then and it was shivering, and so I tried to put it back into its nest but it didn't really want to go in.
  I think the mother bird wasn't very pleased with me, what with me taking my camera there and annoying its nest. LOL! :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

So long for now

I've gotta be going now. My neighbour called just a while ago and invited me over for dinner. :)

I'll be going on a school trip tomorrow. Hope that it will be okay. :)

So, well, bye for now! :D


Check this out!  The Perfect Life (tumblr)  :)

Boredom inspires

Sweet, sweet boredom. I took this photo. :)

writing equipment

This photo is mine. :)

you know what?

  I'm seriously sick of people being overly-sensitive to everything, every little thing that everyone else say or do or act.

  Sure, I'm not on those people's side -they need to look into their attitude and try to change instead of acting don't carish or playing apathy all the time. But seriously! You people need to stop acting like victims and whine about how those people never told you anything or never let you in anything fun or whatever you complain about.

  One word: chill!


I want a photographer guy!


Having faith


And yes, this photo is mine.