Tuesday, October 30, 2012

holding on hope.

A small series of self portraits I went out to shoot spontaneously one time when the sun was lovely and I had no models to work with. I was walking back from classes, thinking what a pity that the light was gorgeous but I had no one to shoot. When I got back to my place, I decided that I didn't care if people saw, I was going out with my camera and tripod to shoot. It was good that there weren't many people walking past then, and when there were, I bend over my camera, pretending to fiddle with settings.

Anyway, the balloon in this shoot is meant to represent hope; and it's all the girl I'm acting out has to hold on to. 
(I also really can't write at the moment, it all churns in strange sounds in my mind, so I'll allow this to past and write more soon.)


Friday, October 19, 2012

our tales

A few photos from when my university friends visited my town when we were back home during the summer. These are some of the people who make me very happy.

I'm not much of a tour guide; the only thing I'd probably be good at is if you wanted to go for a wander.  I took them down the wrong forks before they became wiser and turned to the GPS on their phones to guide them. But we hiked up Penang hill, went for late night suppers at street-side stalls, kicked our heels in sand, built a giant's sandcastle and played Monopoly Deal till one am, just to mention a few.

up Penang hill

waiting for our breakfast atop the hill

taking the tram down

looking up, and down on Ayer Itam town

exhausted Carmen taking a nap in the hotel

the boys watching something on the phone

warm summer fondness


Monday, October 15, 2012

walking colours of downtown streets

 These are some photos I took while I was back in Penang during the summer. I hung out with Mae for a considerable amount of time, which was nice, even though we had never really hung out in person before. We had always been in different schools, and although we knew each other by names, we were always the friend of friends to one another. I guess it was through time that made us discover that we did like same things, and twitter helped in that respect. 

We went to a concert where local teenage bands were performing, and there was an extra performance by some Australian youths (which you see in the first photo that is above all these words) in an orchestra. I always wish I was shooting, and I believe that one day I will. Be the official photographer or something, of events and all. I say I want it, although it also seems a little terrifying in some respect, the way that you're in charged of the quality of photos that come out. But I guess having the want means that I'll be capable of that, although for now, I still shoot as practice which is a lot more fun because there's no pressure or expectations. And these are the shots.

 I think it's a little funny that one of the best shots I got of the band performing was one I took with my phone. It was probably just the timing; those striped lights came on when I took my camera off my eyes and used my phone for a shot.

Anyway, we didn't stay for the whole concert. There were a few events going on in town that night, and our friend Chandini called to ask if we wanted to go to the Georgetown Festival. So we took off after the first act (which was really good. The band, that is) and walked to Komtar. In high heels. Although that wasn't the weirdest part. It was weird in itself because we'd hardly walked around in Penang before. All those years we'd lived there before we left for other countries, we were used to being driven around in our parents cars. It was that night which changed everything. We walked and walked like we did in UK; up and down the streets stopping for street performances and stalls with food. Occasionally, we went in some buildings which had been converted into little antique shops, cafes and even a bicycle rental shed.

And now I have to go because I have an essay due in two days time and besides writing it, I also need to carry out some research -on modern art and cinema, which should be interesting. I'm back in the UK, and I've made Mondays my library day which means that it's one of my favourite times of the week, whatever others may think.

One last thing: I think I've fallen back in love with photography. I have so many photos to share with you soon.

Till then!


Thought I should let you readers know that my blog is currently under construction. Please bear with me while I try to refine its look.

Thank you for your patience and support, as always. xx

Sunday, October 14, 2012