Friday, October 19, 2012

our tales

A few photos from when my university friends visited my town when we were back home during the summer. These are some of the people who make me very happy.

I'm not much of a tour guide; the only thing I'd probably be good at is if you wanted to go for a wander.  I took them down the wrong forks before they became wiser and turned to the GPS on their phones to guide them. But we hiked up Penang hill, went for late night suppers at street-side stalls, kicked our heels in sand, built a giant's sandcastle and played Monopoly Deal till one am, just to mention a few.

up Penang hill

waiting for our breakfast atop the hill

taking the tram down

looking up, and down on Ayer Itam town

exhausted Carmen taking a nap in the hotel

the boys watching something on the phone

warm summer fondness



  1. such breathtaking photographs! <3 i love each and every one. so full of life and beauty. i plan on going to Penang at the end of the year! :) also, i have to ask, is that last photo at Batu Ferringhi? xxxx

    1. aw thanks Tasha! Man, too bad I wouldn't be in Penang then :/ Although hopefully we might get to meet some other time? :) And yup, the last photo is at Batu Ferringhi! I love beaches :D