Monday, July 26, 2010

She lives young

Nirrimi, ah, Nirrimi. You're so fabulous and awesome. 
I want to live your life for a day!

(She's in LA now? Ahhh... Wish I was too.)

Last words for you, friend

" Those are the places we grew up and the times we spent together, but they aren't us. If we think they are, then we're lost, because times end and places are lost. We aren't any place or any time. "

-"Forever In Blue: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" by Ann Brashares

And maybe it seemed like we just got here

Is it really so surprising to be graduating so soon? Because it doesn't seem so much to me.

We've been passing around notebooks to our favourite friends, the ones we want to remember (and if mine has not reach your hand yet and you're reading this, don't worry -if you know that you mean enough to me, coz I think that you would know). I guess that some people say that we've already got a graduation mag, that that is enough. 
Sure, that might be enough for those that you barely know, those you just nod to when you pass them by along the corridor. But me, well, maybe it's because I'm especially sensitive to words. Pictures and photos, yeah, I love those too. But words...there's something about words that make me feel, connect, live.
And that's why I want your handwriting.
I know that we are busy -who isn't these days, especially with exams right before our eyes. But it would mean a lot if they left a small piece of them in that book. I don't really want the graduation magazine -those are all the effort of the committee (and sure, I appreciate their time and work, I'm one of them too though truthfully, I know that I couldn't help much too) and not really those who are special to us.The graduation mag is a bit too rigid, typed out for me.
I want your words.

Thank you, my lovely friends.

I don't exactly know where we'll all be next year, but I do know for me. I'll be out there, in that big adventurous world, chasing and tracking everyone of my dreams till they'll live in me. I'm insane, and I know it. I don't want to be common -which I'll never be. That life is not for me.

But we'll be all given our wings. It is up to us whether we take it or not. It is our choice whether to fly. But listen, those wings might not be given in a direct way. We might have to trace them down, find them. Maybe they'll just be around the corner or maybe we'll have to take a longer road.

Maybe be we'll meet again. Maybe we won't.
Say what, I'll be out there. 
Maybe we'll miss each other.

I still don't think I'll cry.

On graduation day.
(like I'll ever break my taboo. I've never cried in school. Ever. Since primary and even kindergarten.)

I don't care what you think

Opinions are the cheapest commodities on earth. Everyone has a flock of opinions, ready to be wished upon anyone who'll accept them. If you are influenced by opinions when you reach decisions, you will not succeed in any undertaking, much less in that of transmuting your own desire into reality. If you are influenced by the opinions of others, you'll have no desire of your own.

Napoleon Hill


Tell me, 
What is reality?
Is it the world through the eyes you see,
Or the road that leads to your destiny?

The things that you do,
Part deranged like a fool
Hanging on to a ride
Which just evaporates out of sight.

Judged by what you have
True passion is all but cast aside
Hopes, satisfaction, subsides...

Because what if I told you that everything you see
Is nothing really more than manifested believes
We should all stop trying to search and proof
And instead look inside for the truth.

For this earth isn't all that there is
The human mind can imagine and breathe
A whole new world of its own
One that we should all call home.

Originally by
Violetta Westwick

Disclaimer: These photos do not belong to me.


" No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible, intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind. "

-Napoleon Hill



I haven't been on here for a while -or on the internet actually.

I have been listening to the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows audiobook -it's amazing- and I'm loving it all over again. I love magic, did I mention.

Anyway, I've got stuff for you. Enjoy! :)

Friday, July 9, 2010


I miss having long hair.

I want...

I won't tell you what I want.

I'll just wish in my heart.

Awesome XANGAs

Visit these:


Inspiration and Laws

I bought these stuff that day. They aren't exactly what you call cheap, in fact, they aren't cheap, coz things this good quality are never cheap. They have value!

They're really good. You should try them.

This will help you to see the world in a whole new light, but you do have to do it yourself too. I learn so much.

They're here. Bob Proctor and Mary Morissey's 11 Forgotten Laws.

Learn, apply and live.


Yeah, this is my photo. 

It's actually my dog. She turned her head to scratch something. Or just to avoid my lens. She's really camera shy, hates being taken photo of. 

Or maybe I've just scared her with my obsession.




I've done this before, but it has been a looooong time, and even most of the songs in my iTunes have changed by now, so here goes.

All you gotta do is put your itunes on shuffle and answer each question with the first line of the song. Got it?
Okay, let’s begin:)

1. Your first words were?
I'm only up when you're not down
Don't wanna fly if you're still on the ground
[I'm only me when I'm with you -Taylor Swift]

2. When you fell down from your bike, what did you say?
It's so hard to say that I'm sorry
I'll make everything alright
All these things that I've done
Now what have I become, and where'd I go wrong?
[Best Of Me -Sum 41]

3. What does your friends think of you?
baby i never seen someone with your body
you make me want get this party started
[What You Waitin' For -Mizz Nina ft Colby O' Donis]
(LOL!! Just kidding.)

4. What do you think about your friends?
I'll never be the same
If we ever meet again
[If We Ever Meet Again -Timbaland ft Katy Perry]

5. What was the first thing you said to your crush?
If someone said three years from now
You'd be long gone
I'd stand up and punch them out
Cause they're all wrong
I know better
Cause you said forever
And ever
Who knew
[Who Knew -P!nk]

6. What was the first thing your crush said to you?
You seem like the type
To love em and leave em
And disappear right after the song.
[Eenie Meenie -Justin Bieber ft Sean Kingston]
7. How did you respond?
You could have left me on a firday
Would have loved to had least had the weekend
To go under and
To stay under
To get better
To stay better

But you had to pick a monday
Now i gotta go to work
And get through 5 days
[Naked -Leona Lewis]
8. What did you say when your best friend and you were having a fight?
Wherever it is, I'll fly
Whatever it takes, I'll try
So don't pay no mind
To what other people say
Whenever it is in my life
Know that I will be on time
'Cause you know why
There's no standing in our way
[Whatever It Takes -Leona Lewis]
9. What is the line that describes what you’re feeling?
Teenage dreams in a teenage circus
Running around like a clown on purpose
Who gives a damn about the family you come from?
No giving up when you’re young and you want some
[We Are Golden -Mika]
(LOL!! True!)
10. What is your message to the world?
So baby I will wait for you
Cause I don't know what else I can do
Don't tell me I ran out of time
If it takes the rest of my life
[Wait For You -Eliot Yamin]

11. What was the first thing you said in your wedding vows?
I wake up in the morning, stumble on my life
Can't get no love without sacrifice
If anything should happen, I
guess I wish you well
A little bit of heaven, but
a little bit of hell
[Happy Ending -Mika]
12. What did your husband/wife say on their wedding vows?
She calls me baby
then she won't call me
says she adores me
and then ignores me
(Jenny, what's the problem?)
[Jenny -The Click Five]
(My name's not Jenny!!!!!!!!!!)
13. What are the first lyrics you will dance to on your wedding?
I'm going to the place where love
And feeling good don't ever cost a thing.
And the pain you feel's a different kind of pain.

Well I'm going home,
Back to the place where I belong,
And where your love has always been enough for me.
[Home -Daughtry]
14. When you’re scared, what do you usually say?
Well expect me to be
Calling you to see
If you're OK when I'm not around
[Calling You -Blue October]
15. When you cry, what do you usually say?
Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
But the very next day you gave it away
This year, to save me from tears
I'll give it to someone
I'll give it to someone special
[Last Christmas -Taylor Swift]

16. When you’re angry, what do you usually say?
So I don't want to be
One of the boys
One of your guys
[One Of The Boys -Katy Perry]
17. You cry over what words?
Looking at the hands of the time we've been given here
This is all we got and we gotta start thinkin' it
Every second counts on a clock that's tickin'
Gotta live like we're dying
We only got 86 400 seconds in a day
To turn it all around or to throw it all away
We gotta tell 'em that we love 'em while we got the chance to say,
Gotta live like we're dying
[Live Like We're Dying -Kris Allen]
(Um...not really. I feel inspired instead)
18. What did you say when you told your/or your partner friends that you were pregnant
But tonight we feel like stars
We'll play our air guitars
Cause we're eighteen
It's a perfect night
To sing our prom theme 
[Prom Theme -Utopia Parkway]
19. What did they say?
Do you ever think
When you're all alone
All that we can be
Where this thing can go
Am I crazy or falling in love
Is it really just another crush
[Crush -David Archuleta]
20. What’s your biggest secret?
I want your drama
The touch of your hand
I want you leather studded kiss in the scene
And I want your love
[Bad Romance -Lady Gaga]

21. When you breakup with someone what do you say?
I cant wait for the day to end
So I can finally see your face again
We'll find a way if this wish comes true tonight
[Love Letter -Leona Lewis]
22. Your first thought when you wake up?
I think I need some time by myself
Without anybody else
I just need to unwind
In my time machine
I need to go far away
A few years back would be ok
I just need to unwind
In my time machine
[Time Machine -The Click Five]
23. What are the last words you will say?
This is real, this is me
Im exactly where im supposed to be now
Gonna let the light shine on me
Now i've found, who i am
There's no way to hold it in
No more hiding who i wanna be
This is me
[This is Me -Demi Lovato] 

^ ^

ps. I do not own any of the photos above.  








Rawr Rawr Ooh La Laa

(she's a left-hander!)

I wonder if people have realised how awesome Lady Gaga actually is. 

She is not just that 'crazy' celebrity with an eccentric fashion sense, she -unlike many people- actually goes in deep. She's not just a persona, she's an idol.

I believe that she is more than just looks, and it hurt me to see that she said that she was quite insecure about her looks last time. I hope that she will be strong, I am actually hoping that for all those real people that I care for -and with real, I mean those people with substance, with something in them, and are not all just surface. - will be as strong as they can. As Helen Keller said, something which I've got stuck in my head, 

" Lift your head up high. 
Look the world in its eye. "

This quote blinks out before me, especially when I see someone walking with a slouch, their head bent low. It's sad, you know. I hope that these people will realise that life is so much more than that, so much more interesting than you can afford to keep your eyes to the ground.


And after all that I've said, here are some sayings by Lady Gaga. 
" A girl's got to use what she's given and I'm not going to make a guy drool the way a Britney video does. So I take it to extremes. I don't say I dress sexily on stage - what I do is so extreme. It's meant to make guys think: "I don't know if this is sexy or just weird."

Now, I'm just trying to change the world, one sequin at a time.
 You have to be unique, and different, and shine in your own way.
" I lie in bed and try to pray and breathe. I have a very overactive mind. I’m the sort of person who’d never take medication to calm myself. It’s maddening. But I love what comes out. "
I can relate to this a lot.

I want women -- and men -- to feel empowered by a deeper and more psychotic part of themselves. The part they're always trying desperately to hide. I want that to become something that they cherish.

All that ever holds somebody back, I think, is fear. For a minute I had fear. Then I went into the dressing room and shot my fear in the face.

Well, that's your opinion, isn't it? And I'm not about to waste my time trying to change it.

Love is about danger, always. Love jumps off cliffs, love is irrational. It keeps you alive and it destroys you. The search for love provides nourishment for your artistic soul. I'm afraid that as soon as you really find love, there won't be anything left to write songs about.

I used to walk down the street like I was a fucking star... I want people to walk around delusional about how great they can be - and then to fight so hard for it every day that the lie becomes the truth.
Do exactly that, and you shall succeed.

This is the Manifesto of Little Monster. There is something heroic about the way my fans operate their cameras. So precisely, so intricately and so proudly. Like Kings writing the history of their people, is their prolific nature that both creates and procures what will later be percieved as the kingdom. So the real truth about Lady Gaga fans, my little monsters, lies in this sentiment: They are the Kings. They are the Queens. They write the hisory of the kingdom and I am something of a devoted Jester. It is in the theory of perception that we have established our bond, or the lie I should say, for which we kill. We are nothing without our image. Without our projection. Without the spiritual hologram of who we percieve ourselves to be or rather to become, in the future. When you are lonely, I will be lonely too. And this is the fame.

If you don't look up to her by now, I guess that you're one that never will.

And I never guessed that I would be a little monster
Sure, I found her pretty cool in the beginning, what with her confidence and bravery in the way she strutted in her stilettos. But now, maybe it's because that I'm more sensitive towards words (words bring out real feelings, you know. Like you can really get to know someone through words, especially when you have never physically met them, like a character in a book. That is also why I will never understand how people can use words to lie. There is this someone who makes a living out of writing -I won't specify what- but for political or 'safety' reasons, he has to sort of lie through his words. And those aren't even what he really feel. I know this because of what he says. And this, is just plain sad. If you can't live by truth, you will cease to even exist, because there is no true being. And that's why.) , I know that she's amazing.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

You know you love them

Man, this was sooo long ago! Or at least it seems to be. With all the drama she went through with Chuck. But she does belong with Chuck.

I love this scene.

It's like how even though out there everyone has been treating you like shit -unless you're Blair Waldorf, which in this case, she asked for it. No offfence Blair, but I don't really like you. You're too bitchy. On the contary, I totally adore Leighton. :D - there's always a place you can return to where the people still love you. 

Aww.. so sweet. :)

And finally,

something pretty impossible

Chuck and Blair .....

.......holding hands,

Chuck and Blair........

..........going to the movies,

Chuck and Blair............

...WITH A BABY?????????????


I think the photo's been doctored. :P