Sunday, July 4, 2010

You know you love them

Man, this was sooo long ago! Or at least it seems to be. With all the drama she went through with Chuck. But she does belong with Chuck.

I love this scene.

It's like how even though out there everyone has been treating you like shit -unless you're Blair Waldorf, which in this case, she asked for it. No offfence Blair, but I don't really like you. You're too bitchy. On the contary, I totally adore Leighton. :D - there's always a place you can return to where the people still love you. 

Aww.. so sweet. :)

And finally,

something pretty impossible

Chuck and Blair .....

.......holding hands,

Chuck and Blair........

..........going to the movies,

Chuck and Blair............

...WITH A BABY?????????????


I think the photo's been doctored. :P


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