Monday, July 26, 2010

And maybe it seemed like we just got here

Is it really so surprising to be graduating so soon? Because it doesn't seem so much to me.

We've been passing around notebooks to our favourite friends, the ones we want to remember (and if mine has not reach your hand yet and you're reading this, don't worry -if you know that you mean enough to me, coz I think that you would know). I guess that some people say that we've already got a graduation mag, that that is enough. 
Sure, that might be enough for those that you barely know, those you just nod to when you pass them by along the corridor. But me, well, maybe it's because I'm especially sensitive to words. Pictures and photos, yeah, I love those too. But words...there's something about words that make me feel, connect, live.
And that's why I want your handwriting.
I know that we are busy -who isn't these days, especially with exams right before our eyes. But it would mean a lot if they left a small piece of them in that book. I don't really want the graduation magazine -those are all the effort of the committee (and sure, I appreciate their time and work, I'm one of them too though truthfully, I know that I couldn't help much too) and not really those who are special to us.The graduation mag is a bit too rigid, typed out for me.
I want your words.

Thank you, my lovely friends.

I don't exactly know where we'll all be next year, but I do know for me. I'll be out there, in that big adventurous world, chasing and tracking everyone of my dreams till they'll live in me. I'm insane, and I know it. I don't want to be common -which I'll never be. That life is not for me.

But we'll be all given our wings. It is up to us whether we take it or not. It is our choice whether to fly. But listen, those wings might not be given in a direct way. We might have to trace them down, find them. Maybe they'll just be around the corner or maybe we'll have to take a longer road.

Maybe be we'll meet again. Maybe we won't.
Say what, I'll be out there. 
Maybe we'll miss each other.

I still don't think I'll cry.

On graduation day.
(like I'll ever break my taboo. I've never cried in school. Ever. Since primary and even kindergarten.)

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