Thursday, December 30, 2010


These are some photos from a trip I went on recently. I captured mainly random stuff that caught my eye,  my camera bag slung across my back everywhere I went. I looked like a reporter -something that I don't really want to be. I want to be a photographer-, what with my purple hoodie shirt and jeans. Anyhow, I didn't care. 

 chandeliers from the ceiling of a hotel.

Juicy Couture outside the malls -that placed resembled New York's Times Square. 

 My breakfast in the hotel. :)

Where we sat. 

 The city from our breakfast table.

 A lovely lamp inside an awesome toilet stall.

 The totally unique washbasin in that toilet.

Restaurant we had lunch in. They've got a see-through kitchen.

Christmas decorations at another mall.

Ditto. :)

beauty in all life

Thinking is an exquisite art, and not everyone does it like the mass likes to think so.
Sometimes I think, sometimes I don't. 
This is because when I think, I can write much better than when I don't. But sometimes, over-thinking can lead to headaches and even, social problems.

Sometimes, don't think. Just enjoy life. :)

summer, claire and i

We have known each other for twelve years. This was the place where we acted crazy.

Surrounded by large dark trees, sand beneath our shoes. Silence fell, when our mouths were shut -not that it happened often.
We had one camera among us at that time. (It taught me not to allow others to simply photograph me, especially on their camera) We took crazy pictures, pretending we were drunk. Maybe we were out of our mind, but it was even kind of fun.
We climbed up the swings, sat on the tubes, rocked wildly like bikers on the spring horses that were way too small. But mostly, we laughed.

I visited this place a few days ago, only from a place with a different view. Maybe I'll miss it, maybe I won't. But who knows? Even I don't yet, until the time comes when I'm gone.
Maybe the place will be the one missing me.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

bubbles, little girls and magic

This is how I spent my Christmas day.

My mum's friend invited us over for lunch and after eating, all I mostly did was take photographs. (come to think of it, I was already snapping before lunch started.) There was this adorable little girl called Shanelle who was there. I have never met her before. She's my mum's friend's niece -very distant relationship. LOL! So I thought that I should really practice my photography skills, and to hell with being too shy to photograph strangers all (most of) the time.

We, the children were watching 'A Christmas Carol' upstairs.I didn't really like the graphics, - I found that they were probably made more for 3D viewing- so when I saw this little girl going downstairs, I followed. (She probably felt like I was stalking her, but if she did, she didn't show it)

It took a while for her to start doing something. She mostly tried to convince her cousin to play with her, but her cousin was really shy. Then she picked up two bottles of soap -the kind to blow bubbles with- and gave one to her cousin. Her cousin wasn't keen either, so after a while, she seem to have decided that she would do what she wanted first. Ahh, to my pleasure.

She went around the garden blowing the bubbles and trying to catch them. It was so cute! And I trailed her.
Every time the camera snapped, she would look up. But she always continued blowing. It was perfect, I didn't want a kid so nervous that they wouldn't do anything with a camera in front.
From the short snippets which were conversation I had with her, I found out that she was from Australia. I thought that she looked like she did too. A little Nirrimi-ish. In a way.
She was so proud of this! That she had managed to catch it. I smiled for her as well, behind my lens. :)

She didn't talk much and she didn't laugh much. But she allowed herself to be photographed.

Ahh, magical christmas. And the little bubble princess returns home.

walking out of a dream

  Angel was a sad dog.
Maybe it was because she was born with round, sad puppy eyes. Or maybe because it was just her.
  She lived with a family of five, in a huge garden. She had came here since she was six months old. Sometimes though, she felt like she had explored every single bit and corner of this land, and she would wander along the boundaries. Sometimes, if she was lucky enough, she would find a hole large enough for her to squeeze her long sausage body through. She would then run across the neighbour’s lawn, around their houses, occasionally barking at the servant peeling potatoes outside. Freedom was always short-lived. For it was never long till her family found out.

  Grabbing their keys from its place, they would race to the gate, all the while yelling ‘ANGEL!!!!’ ‘Her leash! Her leash!’ Another would yank the leash out of the pot where it was kept in a tangled mess. In twos or threes, they would chase her down. She ran! My, did she run! It was all a game, and she always loved a game. But she usually knew when to give in. Tail down low, she stopped abruptly. They came, and she was chained before she was dragged back to the house and given a spanking.

  Angel loved to sleep in the sun. The warm would seep through her fine and thin layer of fur, and she would close her eyes.
  One day, she had a dream. She had walked through a land shrouded partially by shimmery fog and she found herself in a similar, yet in a weird way, different place. It was outside the same garden, but there was that veil, and no one had come to chase her.
  Her naps were always short. So the dream didn’t last that long too. She sniffed about, filling both her nose and mind with the delightful new scents. The smell of the last dog that had visited that patch, the smell of the wild flowers’ pollen, the damp smell of the humid air. She took everything in, making sure that she remembered it all.
  By the grassy road side, there was a shallow drain. Sometimes, she would walk in it for fun. But today, she didn’t. There was sludge in it, and she hated getting wet. In some ways, she pride herself on being clean. (But if there were interesting stuff, like the new smell of a stranger walking past, she would race out, regardless of whether it was raining or dry.) This time, she balanced herself on the cemented edge of the drain. She was pretty good at this, despite having four legs to fit into a straight line.
  The fog was thinning to a mist. In the tiny part of her mind that was disciplined, she knew it was time to go. And she walked out. Her poise was perfect, but her eyes still carried that emotional look.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

sweet royalty

There is something very warm and beautiful about this photo. 

I wish them all the best. :)

above abodes

The sky was beautiful and I couldn't resist. I brought Ever out, and captured the air.
Moss between the pebbles after days of rain.

The clouds were amazing, in a way that you can only sometimes see.

Personally, I think this looks like a watercolour picture, more than a photo. It's the way the white blends in with the light sky blue.

Sometimes, the moon is already out. It watched on that day as I stood in the middle of the large large garden. Ok, it probably isn't that large. But larger than usual.

What life would probably look like living in the clouds.

And sometimes, I just feel like I have photographed everything in and outside and near and visible from my house. Maybe it's time for an adventure, maybe it's time to travel. 

But I will soon. Pretty soon. But for tomorrow, I'll be going for a short trip. Bet that I will have photos when I come back. :)

candles for twilight

I don't really have much to say for this post, so I hope that you'll just enjoy these photos. I love them. :)