Thursday, December 9, 2010

in case of emergency

  Okay, so here's a story for you.  I got my camera, then me and my mum were at the airport waiting a few hours for our flight to go back home. Σνer was new, and her battery was only half full. I had snapped for a while, testing her out, and when I reached the airport, she had run out of battery.

  There were cute little fairy lights above me, and I wanted to capture them, to see how they would look like on a photo. But Σνer wouldn't even snap. Half desperate, I walked round the whole airport -it was a small one- and looked for a socket. There were none on the ground floor -only some that were inside shops and I didn't think that they would allow me to charge my battery there. So we went to the first floor.

   The first floor was mainly corridor and it was empty. But on a wall -it was kind of pillar-like, and jutted out- there was a socket! I fumbled around in the paper bag that held all my camera's accessories and got out the charger. I plugged it into the socket, and guess what? I sat down there on the floor and waited.

  I invited my mum to join me on the floor, but she wouldn't. Too dirty, she said. But the floor was shiny and clean. She still wouldn't.

  I got a few stares form people walking pass. The thunder roared and the rain poured like it has never before, all around the airport building.

  I think I sat there for about twenty minutes. I wrote a short passage in my journal, and imagined what my friends would say when I told them. But it doesn't matter. Artists are weird in all ways and I'm sure that any would do anything to get photos.

  When I got up, I saw this wall opposite me and the fire alarm bell looked perfect for a photo. So I shot. And I like the way the photo came out. :)

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