Thursday, December 9, 2010

pictures from the plane

  I'm not very good with planes. I don't like their smell, and...well, mostly their smell.

  I usually cover the lower part of my face when I go up, buckle my seat belt (and I have hardly ever taken it off before the planes land coz I try not to touch anything -especially metal that is cold- in them) and sleep .

  I slept on that plane that day. It  was a good thing that they switched off all the lights and it was nice and dark. I was also very tired, from traveling the whole day. It was just a day and my flights were mostly around an hour ones, but it felt like I had gone round the world and back.

  I got up just a while before the plane was going to land, and as I was sitting by the window, I looked out and saw this wonderful sight. It was like the clouds formed land, and that if I went out there, I could probably walk on it without sinking right through. And the sun! With the sun, it was even more amazing.

  I watched. Then I realised that it would be a pity if I didn't capture it all to show to my friends(especially to those who haven't flown before). So here they are.

   You know it is weird. Just like life.

  A few minutes later, the plane was lowered into the clouds. And that was when everything turned black. There was thunder and water crashed into the glass of the windows, running horizontally across. The plane was small and it rocked like we were on a rough sea, except that we were in the air.

  But I wasn't really afraid. I knew that we would be okay.

  I've read somewhere before that the sky is always blue. And that the sun always shines. It's just how and where we look at it from.

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