Wednesday, December 15, 2010

above abodes

The sky was beautiful and I couldn't resist. I brought Ever out, and captured the air.
Moss between the pebbles after days of rain.

The clouds were amazing, in a way that you can only sometimes see.

Personally, I think this looks like a watercolour picture, more than a photo. It's the way the white blends in with the light sky blue.

Sometimes, the moon is already out. It watched on that day as I stood in the middle of the large large garden. Ok, it probably isn't that large. But larger than usual.

What life would probably look like living in the clouds.

And sometimes, I just feel like I have photographed everything in and outside and near and visible from my house. Maybe it's time for an adventure, maybe it's time to travel. 

But I will soon. Pretty soon. But for tomorrow, I'll be going for a short trip. Bet that I will have photos when I come back. :)

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