Saturday, December 11, 2010


  A few weeks back, my family went to a friend's house for dinner. Their's was a new house, and they had these quaint little ornaments and stuff. I'd brought along Ever -that was only the third time I had used her- and I went shooting about.

  My friends were there too. My dad's friend is an avid photographer -he taught me something.

 I was talking with one of my friends there, and I was saying how almost everyone has a DSLR now, and some just have it for fun and just because everyone else has it. My friend agreed at once, and he suddenly said, 'Promise me that you will never be one of those people who carry a DSLR around just because everyone else does. Make sure that you carry one because you really love photography.' I was indignant that people could even think of me like that, and I replied that I was never one of those kind of people and never will be. He seemed satisfied.

This one looks like some kind of magic instrument!

And the moon was beautiful that night.

The night was spent mostly with Ever, and occasionally, talking. It was interesting. I went home, kept Ever, and slept. 

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