Saturday, December 8, 2012

brightest light in my life

I guess I never realised how completely exhausted I am until I came home and fell into bed. But really, I'm drained. I've been mostly running on enthusiasm and for classes, caffeine, for weeks now. For all it's worth, I know that it isn't really true, yet I sometimes feel like these are the best days of my life and the happiest I've ever been. (I say it isn't true because we live in moments; this life isn't a thread but waves that we surf on.)

There has been event after event, three essays in two weeks, long walks, sleepovers and late nights spent with some of the best people in my world. I've been involved in the organising committee of the events, and despite all the worries -which others do for me because I have one cool head- and doubts and running abouts, the events seem to always turn out really well and more importantly, fun! It definitely helps that your favourite people are there. I've wrapped myself in fairy lights and tied an enormous bow on my head; laughed; squeezed myself between friends; teased and got teased; fraped my friends' facebook accounts in the most innocent of ways when they left their laptop open in front of me; wrote essays calmly through the dead of night until I heard the early chirps of birds at dawn and still got top marks for them (nobody ever said life was fair, but the best of life isn't even about justice); chatted with friends till three in the morning before curling myself up in a borrowed blanket on a sofa; filmed in amazing weather (and sunlight so although my fingers still froze from this winter wind and my shoulders ached from shooting hand-held for five hours straight, I can only feel blessed) with one of the loveliest cast and crew one could hope for; celebrated friends' birthdays; and I could go on forever.

I apologise for neglecting my blog, but I have also seemed to neglect writing which never lasts long because time after time, I still find myself writing in my sleep. The sentences stroll past my mind and I know that I have to get them down so fumbling in the dark for my journal and a pen, I'll spend at least twenty minutes putting them down in ink under the glow of my ipod screen -which provides the right amount of light as turning a normal light on would blind me after those hours they'd spent in the dark.

In a weeks time, I'll be flying again and it'll be the fourth country I visit this year. As excited as I am for that, right now and here is pretty incredible too. After all, things that unfold perfectly in their own time are some of the best ones, aren't they?

Anyway, before I get all my other photos edited, here are some of my favourites taken recently with my phone camera and processed with instagram (I'm not a fan of phone cameras, but you can't deny that they are convenient. As for instagram, that things is addictive!). Follow me @miniverse if you're on there too; most of the photos there are landscapes as I use them for a writing project I have.

my filming crew and cast
film still.
decorations as part of the christmas market in front of the city hall
frost one morning
late night journal writing
my dreamcatcher during golden hour


Saturday, November 24, 2012

tough bubble

These are some photos I shot of the stunning Laura Irvine a few weeks ago. It was freezing cold outside, but she was really supportive and even took her coat off once for a few pictures. This shoot was also the first one which I had a makeup artist on set, so it was pretty exciting. I didn't get to shoot as long as I would've liked to though, but well, there's always next time. 

Model: Laura Irvine
Wardrobe: Model's own
MUA: Shauneen Moynagh

I'll share more soon!

Friday, November 16, 2012

just an absence of warmth

these fickle things like light bulbs don't warm me; bring me my sun.

The weather's been nice, but it has also been gloomy, all on days and times that I least expect. I've woken up to the rays of sun passing first through the skylight above my bed -which I keep open so that I might watch the stars before I sleep if it's a clear night- before hitting my barely opened eyes in a flood of bright; and I've had dinner by cold windows where I took the photos above.

But it's not so much the weather as my insides that have been cold. 
(Yet, now, as I find myself here, I don't really want to tell those stories, those that don't serve me, anymore.)
Warm up again, love. Everything's fine as they are and everyone's growing.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

the quaintest city

This morning I caught a flight and flew myself to London. For some reason, my flight arrived half an hour earlier than expected, so I took my time making my way to the train station. I stopped at the Marks&Spencers in the airport to get myself a drink, thirsty as I was, and found some chocolate cookies so I bought them for my friend whom I was going to crash with.

The photo above was taken through a glass wall that looked out onto the motorway. There were people sitting on some benches to my left, and they might've stared but I'm not bothered anymore -I do too many weird stuff just to get photos already. There was a man who sat beside me with a little son of his, probably just about three to five years old. He, the little son, was one of the cutest things ever, and I was really tempted to ask if I could take a photo of him. He had these gorgeous moon eyes, that is if the moon had a deep navy sea for surface; soft blond hair and an adorably round face. However, I was really tired -I have been out quite literally every night for the past week- so I slept as soon as I had my seat belt buckled. The dad woke me halfway, requesting to be let out as his son needed a visit to the bathroom and I was in the aisle seat, and I almost asked when they returned, but I unfortunately didn't. Then the plane landed -the boy was a really excited and slightly cheeky one who already understood the art of humour-, I got my bag down and while waiting for the front passengers to stream out, I very almost did. But I didn't. The line started to move, I stole one last look and moved on; and in the tunnel going into the airport, the image of the photo of what it would've been like if I'd actually done it floated about my mind and still does now.

Arriving at Waterloo station. 

I then met my friend -we walked into one another without even having our phones out! It was amazing!- and we walked out onto the London streets.
I spotted this guy and snapped a picture of him, a question of what he was doing there surfacing there in my head as the camera's shutter clicked. Then I turned, as my friend was directing me around the corner, and when I stole a quick look back, he was with a girl I presumed was his girlfriend and they had probably planned to meet there and he was waiting for her.

And now it's half past midnight and I have a long eventful day I've been waiting for weeks already, so I'll leave you here and share more stories soon. 

Hope your days are lovely, and remember that you can make things happen too!