Friday, November 16, 2012

just an absence of warmth

these fickle things like light bulbs don't warm me; bring me my sun.

The weather's been nice, but it has also been gloomy, all on days and times that I least expect. I've woken up to the rays of sun passing first through the skylight above my bed -which I keep open so that I might watch the stars before I sleep if it's a clear night- before hitting my barely opened eyes in a flood of bright; and I've had dinner by cold windows where I took the photos above.

But it's not so much the weather as my insides that have been cold. 
(Yet, now, as I find myself here, I don't really want to tell those stories, those that don't serve me, anymore.)
Warm up again, love. Everything's fine as they are and everyone's growing.


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  1. i love the architecture of the homes/buildings there. even the sidewalks and roads seem so different and foreign. Malaysia has been having gloomy days too! rainy season and all. anyhow, i hope you'll feel better soon, warmer and more peace of mind. xxxx