Sunday, April 3, 2011

this one is for daddy

  Spring has one of the prettiest faces. She sprinkles her magic onto the earth so that the weather turns warm and flowers turn their heads to smile at her. 

I had been passing by these flowers for days, and every time I did, I would crave for Ever so bad. It seemed like a shame, that the flowers were blooming for me and I couldn't do anything to help them live forever, be remembered.

So the weekend came, and as I had been planning all week to go out to collect pictures of the blossoms, I did. Except that the sun came and left at its own desire, so it was a bit hard to get picture perfect photos. 

My friend and I went to the city centre, and on our way back, we stopped by the university. There were the most gorgeous flowers in the university's compound, and as I had two cameras -Ever and a single use camera the photography society had given to us- I wanted pictures.

We walked in. The place was quiet; there was no one in sight, but the flowers were there.

We looked around at the compound, green grass and red bricks. It was so different in the day, but it still made me think of the day we went running in the compound when it was already dark. (I had run past a tree that bloomed fully with white flowers, and the fragrance made me a little light-headed.) I swear by all the photos that I have taken that our heads were perfectly clear that night, and that we were really just exercising, but to any simple passer-by, we would have probably been seen as a bunch of lunatics. 

In the beginning, my friend took out her mobile phone and snapped pictures too. 

Then when she was done, I was still going about, so in the end, she just stood there -occasionally following where I went- and watch me shoot. 

Later, I apologised, for her having to stand there and just watch me. She was wonderful and said that she did not mind the least; she had never seen someone so engrossed in photography like me before. I took that as a compliment.

Every time I see any kind of beautiful, gorgeous flower, it immediately makes me think of my dad who loves flowers so much. I wished that I could share them all with him, which makes up a huge part of the yearning I have for my camera whenever I find flowers.

A seagull on the chimney. 

There were a few birds circling the sky occasionally. Sometimes they would cry out to each other.

 I told her that I felt like I was in a kind of heaven. She asked if I believed that there was a heaven. I said 'No,' because I really don't. Maybe I might have before, but no longer. 

I don't believe in a physical paradise place. I believe that heaven can be on earth. Heaven is the state of our mind; the exhilarating joy we may feel when we are truly alive; the appreciation we have for our lives and all the wonderful things we come in contact with; and the love we give to and receive from those who matter. Besides, our earth can be as (if not more) beautiful than heaven.

Classic Harry Potter-like. Whenever I see buildings like this, I would wish that I could wear a cloak and walk through granite and stairs to class, with a bunch of other wizards.

Maybe one day I will. 

It was a bit of a pity that I had waited for a week before going with Ever. Some flowers were already beginning to close, and just didn't look as young, bright and fresh anymore. 

But I believe that more will open again soon, and I'll return.

On our way walking back. 

I hope that the world would live right and with at least as much passion as I can muster right now. We wouldn't need heaven then.

I wish you a wonderful day.


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