Monday, April 25, 2011


  Been wearing a hair band all day long. My friend commented that I look like a princess.
  But really I have never ever wanted to be a princess. They say that all little girls once wanted to be a princess. How cliched. I would never be a cliche.
  Reasons why I never wanted to be a princess:
  The princesses in fairytales are too lame. All they know how to do usually is scream and wait for handsome knights to save them. In real life, no one is really going to save you. You know that you have to save yourself. And waiting is just pathetic.
  On the other hand, the lives of real princesses aren’t too fun either. Sure, they may seem to have almost everything: royal blood (which I believe is a spoof because it is just hereditary. If I lived a million years ago and had proclaimed myself as king, my god-knows-how-many great grandchildren would have so-called ‘royal blood’.), money, fame etc. But that is all surface stuff. When are things we see just on the outside real? All are created from the inside. And so, really, the lives of real princesses are too complicated to be contemplated. Royal duties, responsibilities, names to uphold... so many things to tie you down. 
  All things said, I’m a free soul.


  1. little gift for you, thanks!!

  2. Thank you!!!! You are so sweet!