Monday, April 25, 2011


It was a long day. I was almost emotionally drained, after spending time trying to be a good friend but failing miserably at making her feel better. And that was after a long night of drama that I shouldn't really have been involved in, but it was my friend, and I so I tried to be a good friend.
It was a long week. Late nights, lengthy assignments, time with friends. Everyone was exhausted and it was beginning to show in the shadows that fell beneath our eyes and the noses that were getting blocked.

I needed time on my own. Away from everything. Sometimes it just gets rather tiring being connected all the time. 

Ever had also been somewhat neglected. I'm a little afraid that I have been losing myself, in small parts. (But I will pull myself all back.)

Photography. Writing. Photography. Writing. Reading.
My loves. My purposes for living.

So I decided to bring Ever out. Just the two of us. I didn't even change out of my shorts, and only pulled on a hoodie over my t-shirt (when I came back, my hands were freezing, but they almost always are, so it wasn't really much of a surprise). 

I kept my mind empty. Sometimes, you need to do that. Our minds can't be buzzing with activity all the time, it wouldn't even be constructive. It needs its rest too.

But these are what I saw. So pretty, and they had always been what made me miss Ever so much when she isn't with me.

Hope that you enjoyed them.

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