Sunday, April 10, 2011

picnic at botanic (gardens)

Perfect weather. Lying on cold grass under the brilliantly warm sun. A thousand others on the field opposite. Friend’s chatter and children’s yells. A seagull flies ahead.


Pictures from today when me and my friends went on a picnic in the Botanic Gardens. 

Everything was so gorgeous! I was lying back on the grass, typing notes in my mobile phone for inspiration, watching all the people while imagining their stories at the same time. 

Enjoy the photos :)


  1. What a lovely sight. Wish I can walk past these flower beds everyday too. I'm sure they actually look 5X more beautiful when viewed thro. one's own eyes compared to thro' the lens of a camera - however good the camera and the photographer may be. Enjoy this gift of God!

  2. I wish that you could be here too each time I see those wonderful flowers! :) Thank you for commenting! I'll always be grateful. <3