Monday, April 25, 2011

the black cat at elms

There's a black cat that has made its home at our student village. It roams about everywhere and survives on milk and ham given by kind souls -and I know because my friend gave it that. Well, because it had leapt into the kitchen through the window and met my friend in there; and it kept rubbing itself against her leg that it almost frightened her. 

I believe that it also lives on the love given by those who fancy animals and soft furs. This, I know because I'd petted it. 
I visited the room of another friend of mine on the ground floor and we were chatting there for a while. Suddenly, my friend shrieked. I looked down and saw something past by my feet and almost screamed myself too. 
It was the cat, and it had strolled into my friend's room. She shooed it out, but it was still stuck in the corridor. My other friend came out to see what the commotion was, and there was another friend whom had been followed by the cat. 
We tried feeding it stale bread, but it wouldn't eat it. I reached out and patted it. It had the softest fur ever. So smooth, so black.

These are some photos that I had ran out to take. We were in the grassy space behind our rooms.

We had followed it, and it had later followed us in turn, hoping that we had something for it to eat. I took the chance and photographed it. But later, it then left when it figured out that we did not have anything edible in hand.

*photos slightly edited with a curve by Nirrimi. :)


  1. I adore kitties
    I love wild cats that aren't "stray" that adhere to people still and ahve a domesticated sense about them whilst still being wanderers.

  2. Nice photos, I'm in love with this cat! :) I follow you!