Friday, January 21, 2011


  This morning was so beautiful.

  It had snowed last night, the same fine snow that might've been just a drizzle if the temperature wasn't close to freezing. Like the past few days. I had watched the world then, and today, I did the same.

  The pavements were coated in white, the same fine and thin layer which I had thought was ash the first time. With their white tops, the cars whizzing by seemed to have grown old overnight. Apart from the immense cold that threatened to freeze my fingers off (and  ears and nose), I loved the snow. I loved the different appearance of the world it had created, the spiky (if you looked close enough) layer of frost it formed on white fences, bricks and also on the delicate plant leaves that were still green and wide in winter. (I could only imagine how violently they were shivering beneath the silent front they put on).

  Meanwhile, the morning sun was a huge orange glow in the east. It peered through the gaps between houses and the spaces between trees to look right into my eyes. Nervously, I looked away. It wasn't good for me to look at it like that.

  But the photos that it would've made! Oh, how I wished so badly that I had Ever with me.

  I stared at the scene before me: milky-blue sky, just perfect to create the dreamy scene; the brick-walled church with its spike reaching for the sky, just in the distance; white, snow-covered pavements; and leaf-less trees.

  I stared hard, willing that image to imprint in my mind before it would disappear forever and would never be the same.

  But now I've got it written down. Maybe it'll stay a little longer for me now.

ps. This isn't the photo of the scene I was talking about. :)

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