Saturday, January 29, 2011

a hundred years ago (part I)

Storing aside all our homework, my friends and I decided that it was Saturday and so we went on a trip to the Ulster Folk Museum with a group of volunteers and international students.

The Ulster Folk Museum was a place that mimicked a village that existed in Northern Ireland a hundred years ago.   

It had opened stores, and houses with rooms furnished in the way it would've been then.

This is the sweet shop, where I bought some fudge. My first thought when I saw it was Honeydukes!

 The lady at the sweet shop weighing out sweets for her customer.

We walked till our hands were freezing, our feet sore and our hair windswept. Inside a century old house was a fire place where my friends warmed their hands.

A beautiful ancient cash register. 

The hand of Ulster, turned into a plaque and stuck on the wall of a building.

Their schools back then.

Never ever. :) 

Even back then, the tables were vandalised. I suppose that it would've been very difficult to write on, but looking at them now, it seems interesting. However, most were just random alphabets -or so it seemed to me- carved into the wood.


*All photos taken at the Ulster Folk Museum, Northern Ireland (except for the ones taken along the journey).
Edited slightly with photoshop curves.
All photos belong to me. :)

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