Tuesday, January 4, 2011

japanese dinner

 So I had this sleepover at my friend's house last night. It's like, suddenly, everybody wants me! (haha, kidding) 

Her mum's food are to die for! They are so soooo good. Last night, we had sushi for dinner. I'm not japanese, but when my mum cooks sushi at home, it's usually just sushi. Maybe with a bowl of soup. But for my friend's mum, that's not enough. She fried cabbage with mixed vegetables, teriyaki chicken(I'm a little fluent in japanese food coz I do eat at japanese restaurants quite a bit), japanese rice (which is nice. It's a little sticky and fragrant and a little nicer than the normal type), miso soup and the main dish -sushi!

I was quiet during dinner, concentrating more on eating. There was the constant sound of water falling, from the pond in the garden. (That night, I kept thinking that it was raining)

Our totally adorable plates!

 I thought that it was interesting that I could see the chandelier overhead reflected in the blobs of oil in my miso soup. (Ever -if you still don't know, is my camera- was right beside me. I took care not to splash anything on it -it coz it doesn't have a gender. It's neutral.)

Living there for a night was better than 5 star hotels. Especially without the price tag. Haha! :)

*Credits to Claire for the first 2 photos

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