Tuesday, January 11, 2011

british accent

  Arriving here physically in the UK made me realise how much I'd actually been living in my head for god knows how long of my (in years -not very long yet) life.

  The total duration of the flights (and transits) took more than 30 hours, and that meddled up my body clock -and stomach too, apparently, coz it growls in the middle of the night. Just before the plane landed in London Heathrow, I looked down at the cottage-like houses, and could hardly believe that it was London. London. I couldn't believe that it took so long for me to come back (the last time I was here -and also the first time- I was one).

  This place, the whole place, feels like home. I cannot imagine living anywhere else in this world. I feel so comfortable here, like I belong.

  I know that this may sound really weird to anyone who's reading this, and really, I don't expect that anyone else understands. But it's me, and it's what I feel. So I'll let the truth out to be loud, and be who I really am. You really should too, before you're reduced to nothing but fragments of other people.


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