Monday, March 26, 2012

sitting in the sun

doing absolutely nothing at all.

Sunny days in the UK are sacred things. Thus, when we do get them, it seems like the entire population evacuate out onto the lawns, finding the brightest spot possible.

I had almost given up hope that anyone was going out there to join me, and had even dismally thought I would just let this opportunity go and stay indoors to edit photos, but then my floor-mates mentioned that they were outside. So out I went, in single-layered clothing, to join them.
boys playing ball and frisbee.

surprisingly, perhaps, these are not mine ;)
mixing colours.
boys on the barbecue pit.
blue tongue.

I think the sun here automatically makes everyone happier. Despite the number of hours of sleep I'd actually got last night, I was surprisingly awake today -and even enjoyed the film in screening called 'Blow Up'. Plus, I've got my assignments done and handed in!

Perhaps, the only thing I am even more grateful for is my friends' willingness to allow me to photograph them. You're awesome, girls! xx

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