Sunday, March 4, 2012


  She had been without the sun for so long it's like she has almost forgotten its touch on her skin. That heat which used to seeped right in, was replaced by a penetrating cold for months. Somewhere along, she'd lost how it was to enjoy those cool breezes like she always had before, and now, far too willingly welcomed back these rare days of spreaded light and warmth.

  These contrast of events reminded her of those extensive days of longing -of things she once had as well as those she'd yet to gain. That deep monster of a feeling which swallowed your smiles while it rocked your physique with ache. The clouds moved in and shrouded her retina, and all that made sense was to curl up in a ball and sit in the corner for the world then was far too big and fearful.

  Sometimes the sun peeked in and she relished in that. There were also days where she would suddenly realise that she had forgotten to draw the curtains, and when she did so, found herself delighted by the effulgent world beyond the glass. The light which brought out all the colours; mostly it was the colours, which screamed like a best friend would as an invitation to join him/her in both of your favourite game. To her, they hollered to be a moment preserved as a picture and later, shared.

  It wasn't till recently when she realised something. She realised how constantly thankful she would be with the appearance of the sun, and how if it was momentarily concealed from where she stood, she would only wish for its return but not dwell on the murky grey clouds which took over. And she knew that was an epiphany.


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