Friday, March 9, 2012

walking shower.

Somehow, I had for some reason chose to buy myself a coat without a hood in this land famed for its erratic rainy days. To save money in compensation for all the other things I had spent money on, I hard-headedly chose to walk home when the rain dripped from its heavens. 
Every now and then, I would catch sight of  bits of my reflection in shop windows; which prompted an image of a miserably wet cat fresh from a bath owners usually somewhat sadistically decide to force upon the feline creature. You know, those flattened clumps of grey fur, either sticking pitifully or standing hilariously from its tiny body.

And crazy as this sounds, rather than cursing at the skies for opening, with each step, I was actually grinning inside to myself, straining to imagine that very picture. 
You see, because when I want it to be dry, it would stay dry for me. But once in a while when the asking slips my mind, it gives me a story to tell instead.

I've also decided to choose to be happy no matter what, and the days are just so good, whether on my own or with others. It's really aligning with the vibration which you want, and the law of attraction just does what it does, and it gets easier to hold that frequency.
However, once in a while when I get upset, I draw or create art instead.


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