Saturday, September 17, 2011

let it be

how do you let a month change you?

I came home, perhaps, imagining nothing more than some time to relax and let things be. Maybe meet up with some old friends I haven't seen for a while.

I've been going in and out so often. One day, we went to the library, my dad and I. I wasn't looking for any book in particular, so I went straight to the fantasy section, hoping to get Lord of the Rings or something like that. I lifted this book called 'Magyk', and taking it along with me, I went into the silent section where my dad sat, his glasses on making him look scholarly, reading a newspaper. I passed by bookshelves -not quite an oddity in a library. A book caught my eye, and I picked it up. I wasn't too sure whether even whether I was going to borrow it, but I did want to have a look.

I had been lost for a while. Doubting my every step. I had some wisdom and plenty of quotes which I survived on without books for the past eight months. But somehow, that wasn't enough.
It was like I knew there was something higher, something I just couldn't grasp hold of. And the harder I tried, the worst I felt.

Now, it's like I've got everything back. Or maybe it's because I've let go of everything, trusting for what I need in the moment to be there, and just harmonising myself with the universe. Maybe you don't have much clue about what I'm talking about, but I guess that all I want to say is that it's funny how fast we can change especially when we did not even expect it.

If you would like to, read A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. There's such a peace and calm that flows through me now; but I'm still learning. 

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