Sunday, July 3, 2011

walk among roses (part II)

   You might have already seen part I (and if you haven't scroll down or go to the previous post). These are some photos I'd taken when I took a short trip on foot to the botanic gardens to escape the mundanity of everyday homework-assignment-presentation school life. Having the knowledge that there were roses in the park in summer was inspiration, to which I set out to.

  I had a pleasant time. Ever was in my hands, or while shooting, before my face. The sun was rather kind that day and gave me glorious light to work with.

  After shooting, I sat among the gorgeous roses. Just sat there, watching the silence around me that was occasionally interrupted by teenagers' chatter or childrens' carefree wonder.

  When I felt that it was time, I got up and dusted my back. Setting everything right, I prepared myself to return to reality where it waited for me.

  Here are all the wonderful scenes of paradise I brought back with me. They keep my memory of the beauty that I'd once seen and I am sharing them with you so that we may never forget that somewhere out there, is a beautiful place worth living for.

parent and stroller among the colours.

a stranger reading.


what's left of me.


rose bush.



...especially to yourself.

soaring in brilliance.

on the way back.

cafe beneath sun rays.

leftover cigarette among pines.

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