Sunday, July 24, 2011

the place that stays

this is home. And strange as it may sound to me,  i miss it. 

"The place where love and feeling good don't ever cost a thing."
— Daughtry

This are all photos from long ago. I have been digging up the pretty ones that I had never got the chance to share. 
I'll be back there for a while, and that's the way it would be.


  1. Yes, always remember - home is where love doesn't cost anything and where love is, daddy.

  2. I "borrowed" one of the quotes that I read in something you wrote ie "It's not what you look at, It's what you see" to be the title of the blog that I was "forced" to create when I wanted to post the above comment...Daddy

  3. All of us at home will be looking forward to seeing you back home next month. In the meantime, study well and take care - take care of your health, take care of your studies and take care of yourself in every aspect, ok.