Wednesday, July 13, 2011


lost you somewhere along the way when I learnt how to fly
I turned back to see you struggling by
crouched in a pit, surrounded with sighs
widened shocked eyes to which you said, 'leave me to die'

stretched out a hand, let down a ladder
but you shook your head, heart growing harder
I dipped right down, reaching further
my balance at stake,
told myself you were worth it.

I hurt for you, then decided that I would hurt no more
I'll return to heaven, and wait for you by the border
taking a chance, having the faith
that resonance might occur one day with what I had said

bring a horse to the water, but you couldn't make it drink
you were the bird who'd forgotten how to sing

what I knew was the song was still in you
patience was all that mattered in lieu
I could drag you to where I lived in a flourishing garden
yet all you'd see was the old hunched warden

one fine bright mid-day
I recognised your silhouette against those sun rays
you embraced me and recounted how you had found your way


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