Wednesday, July 13, 2011

how do you care for someone without hurting as well?

There is something I'd like to tell you, and that is
'I admire your ability to love'
It's so tough seeing you hurt
when love evaporated from 
the very grasp of your palms
Slipped through your fingers, unnoticed
Till you turn them up and saw emptiness.

Watching you cry,
     Witnessing you hurt
          I have always wished I could 
                take it all away,
                     take it all away.

But sometimes, maybe you needed that to feel.
And maybe it was me who was unfeeling.
The only emotions I could
     and have ever felt
          were mostly those of others
               through others.

I'm thinking maybe I should leave you all
before I render you all to statues of unfeelingness.