Saturday, May 17, 2014

green crowds

I've been writing unguided writings where I'm pretty sure all the rules are wrong, all except for grammar, but even that may be questionable; rebelling against my love-hate relationship with academics and all its imposing writing.

This library has lost all the charm it once had for me, yet I'm still here. I don't really want to be here. There's the field and the trees outside this glass box where I sit with all these various creatures (if you split us into professions, that is).

Anyway, I wrote some sort of poem –

I've been sober on life for too long
I'm losing my mind

We sat in the middle of the field a few days ago
Lay there, me on your chest
There was always things flooding my mind, my chest
Swelling and pressing themselves against the wall 
I had to remind myself to breathe

But that day we sat there
Amidst trees and greenery
I watched the leaves
Green crowds, green clouds
I'd never liked crowds
But these foliage together sang me peace
I was here, I was now
The breeze nudged me gently as I looked up to you
watching everything I had just seen

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