Saturday, May 10, 2014

fledging dreams

After spending so much time around people my age, I always find it really refreshing to meet people with a bigger age gap. Around two weeks ago, I went for a shoot with my friend Bernadette and her sister, Sarah. Our walks and talks fell naturally into a rhythm as we talked of books and movies and university (and of whether one could study piracy at university -the ahoy, mate! sort of piracy, that is). 
The sisters weren't models, and it took a while, but soon enough, they eased themselves up in front of the camera by interacting with each other and doing the things they did best -one of which was climbing trees! They were a breath of life I needed in those weeks that I was working on my dissertation and I love the way these photos turned out. 

I thought I would've written down what happened that day, but I might have forgotten and so now all that's left is fuzzy memories of what we said. But before we left, Sarah asked me if we were friends to which I said of course. Her face lit up, pleased to have a new friend which I thought was adorable. I was glad to have a new friend too, but I would have never expressed it so enthusiastically.

Also, I have been working on a portfolio website for a few months now and am finally releasing it for everyone to see! Have a look here if you'd like to :)

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