Sunday, July 14, 2013

[Journal entry from yesterday]

It's been a long day for me. I spent three hours baking two large apple crumbles, spending just an hour itself peeling and cutting up fourteen green apples. Then I had my shower, but Wenkai's in Johor for the day at his grandmother's place, so we don't talk much. Today's our fourth month being officially together.

For some reason, I was tugged towards the piano, so I go and play it, the way I do always. That is, only when there's the tug (which doesn't happen much as I'm pretty sure I'm more visually-inclined). I place my hands on the keyboard, and for a moment, these long, fair-skinned fingers look like they belong. I'm convinced it's an illusion, but I go ahead and play. Today, they slide smoothly through the keys, hitting all the right notes, giving me the melody in my head. It feels good. Then I remember I have to prepare the apple crumble before we leave for Aunty Anna's house, so after playing the two same songs I always and only play, I go.

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