Thursday, June 27, 2013

daily photo project

I realise that I don't really want to talk about it anymore, but let's just say that out of the chaos that hounded my mind around a month ago, this project was born. I had a good long talk with my love who was as supportive as ever, and I decided to start taking a photo a day, giving me something to focus on instead of flailing around blindly. 

So far, I have received nothing but support from those closest to me which I am eternally grateful for. I post each new photo on flickr as well as on my personal facebook account, so you might have seen them, but for those of you who haven't and are interested, here are some of my favourite so far (click on the text to read the description on flickr!). 

I did miss a few days, but apart from those which I have valid reasons for, I have surprised myself by going this far as I never used to be able to properly stick through my projects. Maybe it's because I have a stronger push for this one and more solid goals. 

Anyhow, this project is more for myself and my own growth, but I share it because it took me this to remember how I have the ability to inspire others which always comes as a pleasant surprise. I'm excited to see where I'll go with this :)


  1. Photography projects work marvels. Do you remember last year, when I had had my hear broken and began that 365 project? It healed me. It helped me reconnect with myself. I know I've told you many times, but I just can't help but tell you again: I LOVE THIS PROJECT OF YOURS! hahaha I really do. In fact, you are making me want to start a project myself. Probably not a daily photo project, because of all the exams I'll have to study for...but some sort of project. I'll have to think about it :) I send you all my love, dearest!

  2. these photos are lovely :) so creative yet simple!
    I really like your blog, would you like to follow each others blogs? if so let me know and ill follow you right back! :)
    lots of love
    saida xo