Saturday, January 5, 2013

writings from the depth of days

If you have still been following my blog, I would like to say both thank you and sorry to you. I have been over the top busy the past few months and  haven't had the time to update my blog. The good thing is, I have a ton of photos piled up ready to edit, so when I get that done, prepare your eyes for a flood.

I haven't been sleeping properly lately, and even though I'm trying to right that, I've managed to write in the depths of late nights and really early mornings. I guess I'll share something with you.


I'm sorry I inhale in all my happiness from your presence and when I leave, I forget how it was to live alone. I know it takes time to adjust back again, but right now I'm in the in-between and I just want to slip right back to where I was next to you because that might be easier than reconditioning myself again.
Besides, I don't want to leave too long.


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