Friday, January 18, 2013


letter and present from the loveliest Alexis!

January's a mess of unplans; days blending into one another without the blocks of class schedules. I allow my days to drain away until I realise and feel absolutely so terrible and just bounce back up again. Yesterday, I craved to be busy again like I had been weeks ago before I realised that what I wanted was actually to be in the mood for things; to be alive. And then sometimes I find it again.

Today I edited the photos I'd taken on a photo walk with my friend a few days ago and discovered that I was pleased with them.

And the last one is a box parcel from wonderful Madeline. The postman hadn't managed to catch me at home, so he left a slip instead asking me to collect it from the main post office instead. So that morning, I got up at eight and left after breakfast, finding my way with google maps, and three people along the way, who finally managed to direct me to the right place. It was all worth it though. 

I felt like I'd walked the entire town that day and my limbs ached. Still, that reminded me of travelling and I'd choose it over hiding away in my room all day.


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