Monday, April 30, 2012

if you love me let me know,


"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it."
-William Arthur Ward

so don't be shy, go ahead and tap those little ♥'s below my posts if you enjoyed them. Or better still, leave a comment. I appreciate constructive feedback and would welcome them with an open heart.

  I would say that I've never been the biggest fan of numbers, and have always preferred words over them because of the capacity of containing emotions which the latter has over the former. Yes, it's nice to see 'like's build up when I share something on Facebook, or even going through my blog's stats here. But in the end, the things that truly make my day are kind words from others. Every once in a while, I get someone who tells me that they like my photos. These people with the courage and initiative would say them in an enthusiasm which goes through my chest and spread out in a warm fan around my heart. 

  However, it's not like I would rely solely on those little (but most of the time, oh so precious) praises, for that would not do. I create, write and photograph because they bring a satisfaction barely matched by any other things. Even if nobody saw them, I would still do them, I definitely would. But I would not deny that happiness is indeed multiplied when shared, so here's letting you know that I really appreciate the time you dedicate to the things of mine. All I'm saying is, while you're at it, you could also let me know, because while that isn't of all importance, it's lovely to receive some feedback.


ps. I've recently joined a group of some of the most wonderful dreamers, artists, wild things, and yes, it is amazing. The kindness, acceptance, love and support is overwhelming and I'm just filled with joy. It's funny how I don't write so well when I'm in these 'happy' states. Hm.


  1. Hey, may I know what group that is? If it's an online group, I'd love to have a look at it. I gave you a <3, because I do enjoy your writing style and depth. Most importantly, I appreciate that you write from the heart.

    1. it's a facebook group, actually :) And thank you so much! <3