Saturday, April 21, 2012


Pictures from the photoshoot with my sweet little friend Siu Li. (At times I tend to forget that she's actually a year older than me. Though as you grow older, you do learn that things like age is just a number and that there are more important things than those figures.)
She was so fun to shoot, and was only too willing to go along with whatever crazy ideas I had in mind. That day was a nice bright one, so  I suggested that we have a walk down to the botanic gardens and stop whenever we wish if there was anything interesting along the way. We bumped into friendly strangers and little adventures along the way, more of which I will talk about when I share the other photos which were taken when they happened. For now, the photo below is one of a lady walking her dog who stopped for me when I turned my camera to her. She grinned one of the friendliest old lady-grin for me, and when removed Ever (my camera) from my face to return a grin of my own, she proceeded to chat with both of us. 
Before she left, she told us that she had another dog -a black labrador, if my memory serves well- somewhere around and told us that if we kept our eyes open, we would probably see him. 'Its name is Lulu. L-U-L-U,' she even spelt it out for us. To which we listened and kept our eyes wide open, but didn't see even as much as a tail from him. So when we bumped into her again as we were leaving the place, I told her that we didn't see him when I caught her eye and both of us smiled. 'Oh dear,' she said, and probably went off in search of him. I don't think she was too worried though.

Maybe it's a park thing, with its greenery and fresh air, but I realised that the people I meet at parks are really friendly. They are usually dog-walkers who don't mind pausing for a 'hello' or a smile. Ahh, the carefree! Sometimes they can make my day with each little pleasant moment collected.
I strongly suspect it's a choice and not just a lifestyle. 

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