Wednesday, February 29, 2012

wearing flowers.

Ever had been sitting in the camera bag on the floor of my room for a little too long, and my craving to shoot came back. I'd been looking for someone to model for me for awhile already, so when I discovered that a new floor-mate of mine, Caitlin, was a drama student, I decided to ask her if she would like to join me for a photoshoot.
We decided on going out today, since it was one of the days in which we were both free. And after all the wet-sprinkly days, the best pleasant surprise was seeing the sun's glowing face before we set out.

We strolled down the streets near where we live with pretty houses, stopping whenever we thought might be suitable to pose and capture. Between chatters and pictures, it was one of the most fun photoshoot I've ever had. Looking forward to many more! :)

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