Sunday, February 26, 2012


  Putting all thoughts about assignments and 'have to-dos' aside, I spent a whole evening trying to snap the idea I had in my head into a real picture. And boy did I learn that self portraits aren't that easy!

  First, I tried creating a background with the spare blue blanket I had. Using cellophane tape, I stuck it on the wall behind my bed, leaving just about a foot to skim the bottom. I then piled up the bubble wrap I had -I was going for a conceptual thing- in a squarish clump in the middle of the frame, where I would seat myself. Turning to my camera on its tripod opposite the set-up, I looked into the viewfinder and tried imagining and thus, adjusting the composition. The bubble wrap was hardly visible. So I got some of my hardback books, using them to raise the seat. 
  However, when I tried my first shot, the 'seat' sank into the mattress, giving me a baby blue picture with a dark rectangular shape in the middle -my back. It took me a couple more shots to decide to change my location and so I moved to the floor, where this time, I stuck the blanket to the bathroom door and around the corners where the door frame met the wall. I lowered my tripod, tied a mask behind my head, and tried shooting again. Again, the camera seemed to be too close to me. I stretched myself out across the floor to adjust, and tried again. And again.  
  When it'd seemed to work okay, I poured out the skittles. A palmful. I set the self-timer off again and returned to my position. However, I either threw the skittles in the air a little too early or a little too late. It's crazy how much it took of me to remind myself to be patient and try again, and again.

  I can't remember why I then convinced myself that I should take a shower first -probably because I haven't had dinner yet- but I left my room in the state that it was and did so. After my shower, my friend invited me to join them for dinner -and a very good one indeed!- so what I have left now is a room scattered with skittles, decorated as mess as well as having learnt to hold out longer (or patience). 

  I don't think I'll go into how I like things to happen quickly, despite my head knowing that time exist so that everything doesn't happen all at once. But anyway, here's one of the only presentable pictures from today's 'session': a nicely squashed Skittle which I stepped on.

My head's rolling down my arm now, and I've got a cycling trip planned with my friend tomorrow. So till the next time then! (And I promise that I'll get that self portrait taken) :)

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