Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'll sing it one last time for you, then we really have to go

For some awesome explanation I have yet to find out, the MTV EMAs were hosted in Belfast this year. I don't think that this little city has seen so much life and excitement before, and everything was pretty crazy.

A few days before its actual day, my friend and I saw the stage being put up, during one of our visits to the city. Just with that, there was already the stir of excitement.

I watched Snow Patrol perform live. It was amazing, even though I wasn't really quite close enough to be able to see their faces. I've only been to two concerts in my life, this being the second, and I think one of the most awesome feelings is singing along with the live band to your heart's content, albeit your voice being lost among thousands of others.

The city hall was lit up as if in sync with the stage lights that radiated, twirled and flashed within the dark of the evening ostentatiously, belting out loud how brilliant it was. Our eyes couldn't help but absorb it all up.

I think somehow, it wasn't enough, being just in the audience for me. Every once in a while, my eyes would stray to the sweeping broadcasting film cameras that hovered just above the sea of heads. It made me imagined the day when I would be one of those who participated in creating the event and making it happen.

I remember somehow quite clearly a couple standing right next to me and my friends, hugging, the whole way through. I remember the new friend who so kindly offered me to stand in the better spot, just so that I could see better through Ever's eye. I also remember the group of awesome friends I was with, and how they made everything somehow even better than it was. (There was also at the end, how the streets were bathed in squashed plastic cups, empty bottles and litter and wasn't at all pleasant trying to wade your feet through it.)

After it all, I returned with sore feet, aching arms from holding Ever up in the crowd to record and obtain proof of my attendance to one of the coolest things in the world, shivery cold cells, an almost full SD card as well as clothes that smelled awfully of cigarette smoke. Which was somehow still all worth it.

Life isn't just for being comfortable anyway.



  1. Thanks a million for being my Belfast EYE dear little friend ....
    Oh, how my I miss the presence you & your ever loving 'EVER'

  2. my pleasure :)
    I miss Your presence too!!! May we someday meet again and we'll go photoshooting together again :D