Thursday, October 7, 2010

Impact of Man on the Environment

Most people believe that the earth was a green and blue, beautiful sphere orbiting the sun, before the apes evolved and their brains grew bigger.  In just mere thousands of years here compared to the millions of billion ones the earth took to be created, man made it ‘their’ world by building and changing the place it once used to be.

Where there were once forests of trees and plants and all that is green, man removed them all.  They replaced it, except that one seemingly little thing changed – its colour.  They changed the green to grey, and called it the ‘concrete jungle’.  Theses rectangular grey ‘trees’ contain animals like the ones before, except that instead of the rich variety the green ones had, these grey ones accommodated only one kind – mankind.

The green trees cool air, especially on a hot day.  Naturally, the grey manmade ‘trees ‘ could not, so instead, man fixed many little boxes in the ‘compartments’ of their trees.  They called them air-conditioners.  These air-conditioners gave out cold air at one end, and hot air at the other.  The green trees gave out oxygen, and so, these air-conditioners gave out a gas too – except that it ‘broke the protective layer that shaded the earth from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.  And so, the temperature on the earth rose, while man wore coats in the buildings.

One of the most successful things mad made for himself was green paper, with values printed on it.  With this, he gained the ability to exchange it for almost anything he wanted.  And so, special concrete ‘trees’ called shopping malls sprung up, selling almost any physical thing man could have ever wanted.  Man bought and bought and bought, sometimes even without thinking about whether he needed it or not.  He went back home, and threw the old things out.  Dumping grounds soon started to overflow.

Birds in the green forests had wings, the other animals had legs.  The birds flew, and the animals walked and crawled.  Maybe it was because man had only only legs, so he decided that he need something better, faster.  And so, vehicles were born.  Little grey boxes that moved on wheels to take man from one grey tree to another.  These ‘boxes’ gave out a dirty mixture of harmful gases and soot from its rear end, but man decided that he did not mind, as long as he was inside and not outside the ‘box’.

Why would man work towards the destruction of himself?  Does he realise that there might be an opposite force that will one day push him back towards the opposite way while he is basking in all his ‘successes’ that he had created?  Maybe we are just going through an evolution – and if people say that it is a rather fast one, like icebergs melting at the fasted rate they ever had.  I am quite surprised at their ignorance of times.  For it is not everything about speed these  days?  But for now,  I just hope that man will tread more lightly from now on.  Because he should not forget that if he stamps his feet too hard to leave a huge impact, he is going to hurt his leg.

 by violet 
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(but I do love New York)

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