Sunday, April 27, 2014

Le Carved City: Paris trip part ii

If you've read about the first day, I will assure you that the next few days in Paris were much better. We had planned out a list of places to visit beforehand, and despite having to shift some things around to suit us better once we were there, we managed to visit everywhere we wanted to and even had the last half day free. Of course we went in search for food with that extra bit of time!

Most of the places we visited were the typical touristy ones, which despite being cliches, we wanted to see them for ourselves. So here are the photos I took. 

Black and white postcards with scenes from much older days on the stands which I was so tempted to buy.

We took the metro to the station just outside Arc de Triumph and proceeded to walk down Champs Elysees all the way to the Louvre. 

Roadside crepe stalls

The sun was blazing all the time and when it reflected off the white gravel, we had to have our eyes almost permanently squinted. As Wenkai and I sat under a few trees' shade while we had baguettes for lunch, we stared out at the sunbathers basking in the middle of the park and I wondered out loud how they managed that.

I am just at awe at how graceful these sculptures have been carved despite being made of stone. 

Most places had never-ending queues, and the Louvre was the same. 

Girl looking for her family

I realised that I probably should have waited till the man, whose head can be seen as large as life here, had past, but then I figured that more would have only come to replace his. Oh well, crowded touristy places.

Pretty sure it was one of the only things most people came to see.

Girl sketching a sculpture opposite her.

The lock bridge. 

Roadside artist.

Saint Chapelle, where the stained-glass work was a world wonder itself.

Here's to more travels and more photos to come :)

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