Wednesday, July 18, 2012

speaking of me.

i'm still trying to convince myself that everything happens for a reason.

  I just felt like I needed to post a picture, and I wasn't sure where so I decided that I'll post it here. I haven't been writing for a long time, although I really would like to again once I get my thoughts in a coherent form. 

  Speaking about trying, that is really what I should stop (there it goes again) trying to do. Relax, chill, quiet down your mind you lovely being. There are times where I just want all that inner peace back, then there are the times where my mind lets me know that these sort of times are what makes things interesting. (I'm just a bit confused right now, wavering in between opposites and really, not in the right mind to write so much here. I'll be back soon.)


Oh, and here's another self portrait I did. Trust me, I don't usually look this down. :)


  1. dearest, don't you worry, you'll be up on your feet again sooner than you think! i'm always here if you need me <3 And, god! I adore that photograph!

    1. thank you my sweetest Alexis! I'm feeling so much better now, and I've even found my love for photography again -I've this want to work on my photos! :) It proves itself again and again that the things we truly love never really leave us.
      And thank you! xxx

    2. ♥ Never! Even when they seem to have deserted you, they are never truly gone...They are only out of your sight for a little while. Sometimes you can look for them and find them, but most times they will find you instead. They always find a way of coming back to you. That's why we must never, ever give up on them--because if we do, they might get lost and not come back. I'm so very glad you are feeling better!