Tuesday, July 3, 2012

different homes.

A few pictures from when I visited Chew Jetty (in Penang) with my friend.


  1. such stunning photographs. i love to see pictures of different parts of Malaysia! some places i've not been to and some i miss so much, my heart aches. <3
    also, i am much much better now than i was before. thank you so very much for your comment! it was incredibly nice and lovely of you! it made me smile and feel warm inside. it's always so wonderful to know somebody reads what i write. and thank you for appreciating my photographs as well! :) xxxx

    1. thank you lovely Tasha! I'm actually not entirely satisfied with these photos -which created a kind of 'down period' for me a while ago, which I guess I'm over and back up on my feet again :) - but it was for a good friend of mine so I shared them.

      I'm so glad that you're better now, and even moreso that my comment managed to make you feel better. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting as well, I really really appreciate your support.

      Keep creating and may life love you back! xxxx

    2. Also, sorry for the late reply -I don't always know whether to reply here, but then I figure that it's nice receiving replies so sometimes I do.

      And haha, do come and visit Penang while I'm here if you're free! :)