Thursday, May 17, 2012

underground stories.

Solemn faces. I was paradoxically reminded of the two laughing girls on yesterday's tube. From the way they acted, I presumed that they were sisters, or at the very least, cousins. But if in some weird worldly situation and they were neither, they were probably soul sisters.

The girl on the right had darker hair, and seemed to be telling the other something, to which she herself laughed too. The other, who was blond and had a black pin in her hair, laughed too, and then she leaned over onto her sister. This was such a refreshment from the usual poker faces, mine then included. I'd been tired and though I usually don't mind smiling at strangers, I just couldn't seem to find the strength then. 

I was in London last Christmas, and that definitely wasn't the nicest time to visit London. The timetables of the tubes were all rather messed up, that is if they weren't entirely closed. I guess one could say it was experience though.

Somewhere along the seat across where I sat, there was a young lady reading a christmas card. It said 'let it snow' on the cover. When she had finished, I watched to see a smile, like I would after reading something like that. Then there it was. A faint one, but I was pretty sure it happened. She fumbled for the opening of the envelope, and slipped her card back in when she found it.

Beside her, a woman was trying to untangle her purple earphones. I noticed that she had a chunky gold ring on the brown right ring finger of hers, and plasters around her thumb.

Passing overgrowths and red bricks. Above ground trains. There was another young lady sitting opposite me, her eyes drawn up at the tips with black and shiny baby blue. I thought she looked somewhat like a doll, and peeped at her every once in a while. She busied herself, ears clogged up with Apple's signature white earphones and never once looked at me.

One of my favourite quotes on an advertisement board.

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  1. I love public transportation, not only can I busy myself doing something (unlike when I'm driving and have to look at the road, and well, concentrate on driving of course), but it's a wonderful place to observe people. New York City is where I've used public transportation the most, and it is a bit astounding just the diversity of the people who ride the subway, feels like a mini-city underground. Plus, I love tunneling through darkness sometimes, it's soothing.

    Thanks for your sweet comment, I'm flattered you love my writing so much, and thank you for reading it. <3